Flag Day

Address by the President of UGOC

The speech of Dr. Fritz Olivier on the occasion of the celebration of the flag and the University May 18, 2014, continues to attract the attention of more than one on both the substance and originality of a new conception of Higher Education.

The country is experiencing an alarming decline in primary and basic education which seriously affects the performance of graduates from the University. It must be remedied immediately to avoid utopian discourse to confront the reality and resolve it.

The Flag Day is the perfect symbol of the ineffable unity of Haitians in the essential development. This is an opportunity sobering on the foundations of the country, paving the way for those who are at the helm of state affairs to update the acquired productive and embracing new horizons of development capable of making competitive professionals the globalized scale.

The Flag Day is this metaphor inspired by the colors blue and red, multicultural emblem; bristling with white carpet woven frescoes palm kernels and weapons of the republic, as to represent its impartial wide participation of international development.

The Flag Day is also the symbol of its representation in the quality of the intellectual and scientific values ​​that the University must produce as productive agents of society. Dr. Olivier added that the University “must not operate in arbitrary, but must appeal to the best resources available ‘in the country’ to entrust them a place of responsibility in the education of present and future generations. To do this we must create a Ministry of Higher Education and Research that is apolitical in general in order to provide the University of means, enabling it to function effectively and be sustainable.

With such a vision, it will be possible to:

  • Contribute to the enrichment of cultural heritage, spiritual and scientific national and global community; Ensure maintain knowledge in Haiti at the achievements of the Science and Technology Universal;
  • Transmit the knowledge and know-how of future managers and technicians of the Haitian Nation ensuring both value the useful occupations to national development and to ensure that the content and method of training are adapted to the solution of concrete problems of the country;
  • Prepare the necessary skills in the cultural, economic and social development;
  • Promote research in Haiti and direct priority to the endogenous development of human and material resources of the nation;
  • Ensure that students are welded to the national reality by their effective participation in development projects including training means service and all civic actions. What strikes most is the finding of this evaluation that clearly shows the grim picture in which involves Higher Education.

flag_dayThe immediate response is to be hoped that no one wants to sacrifice the young to receive a mixed training. On a sample of three hundred graduating students in most universities in the country, 90% are unable to express their ideas, 80% did not know how to write correctly a report, 70% become construction workers under supervision, while less than 5% can occupy office space, 85% do not have the training it takes to be worthy of their mission.

A diploma must be able to compliment the teaching team involved, mobilizing new knowledge generated through its research activity. However, this diploma must also be a response to an expectation. It is hoped that this day the flag recalls that: “The Way of Higher Education is the road that led to his apotheosis. It is an essential tool to build thinking and take the course of continued success. It channels the thoughts towards renewal that gives joy. All will remember the importance of the existence of the flag which necessarily passes by way of education.”

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