chapter I

Ministry of Higher Education and Research

Article 1- The Higher Education consists of the State University of Haiti, Universities and Schools of Public and Private Universities provinces legally authorized to work in the national territory.

Chapter II

The Mission of Higher Education

Article 2 The Higher Education is to:

  • To contribute to the enrichment of cultural heritage, spiritual and scientific national and global community;
  • Ensure maintain knowledge in Haiti at the achievements of the Science and Technology Universal;
  • To transmit the knowledge and skills of future managers and technicians of the Haitian Nation ensuring both value the useful occupations to national development and to ensure that the content and training methods are appropriate to the solution of concrete problems of the country;
  • To prepare the necessary skills in the cultural, economic and social development;
  • To promote research in Haiti and direct priority to the endogenous development of human and material resources of the nation;
  • Ensure that students are welded to the national reality by their effective participation in development projects including through training, civic service for students.

Article 3 For the purpose of fulfilling its mission, the MESR adopt the following measures:

Manage the quality of Higher Education

  • The review of curricula
  • By the continuous monitoring of the quality of education provided
  • By state exams leading to professional practice
  • Grant operating licenses
  • To universities
  • In higher education institutions
  • Develop strategies leading to their efficiency by creating:

Research Center

  • In practical workshops
  • Visual and Virtual Labs
  • The long distance education

Establish mechanisms between the consortium universities:

  • Encourage exchanges between students and faculty members interfaculty;
  • Facilitate the provision of resources capable of serving the university community
  • To provide pluralistic political higher education crediting academic equivalence
  • Designing and managing conditional scholarship programs:
  • For students wishing to finance their studies;
  • For professionals who wish to enjoy the same conditions in the 2nd and 3rd cycle programs (Masters and PhD)

Undertake the benefit of students of social actions, sports and cultural by:

  • Stimulation of young people to exercise their talents with optimism;
  • Supervision of initiatives during the para academic activities;
  • The development of activities in order to influence future generations to ensure continuous progress;

Establish the Council of the Order of Haitian universities composed of Rectors of Universities and Higher Education Institutions working Directors:

  • In close collaboration with the Ministry;
  • Maintaining a dynamic cultural cooperation with overseas Universities;
  • Receive annual quotas “outside of its normal operating budget” enabling it to:

Building on a set of academic activities such as academic and para:

  • Organization and maintenance of its website
  • Organization and publication of monthly magazines; Newspapers, research, books etc.
  • Organization of ongoing reviews
  • Update and maintain a reception area to the height and size of its infrastructure.
  • Enhance and promote acquisitions so as to focus national intellectual interests to an inexhaustible cultural heritage.

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