Academic Resources

Academic Resources is a number of services and programs to support students’ academic and intellectual engagement and to help them take full advantage of the curriculum. Our goal and higher purpose is to help students explore and take full advantage of UGOC’s educational/intellectual opportunities from living and learning.


As a student, you may have a moment when you recognize that you can use some extra assistance in completing or planning academic work and finding new information. University GOC offers many resources and services to help you along the path to completing your degree.

The Quality of Studies and Research

The University GOC is known for its high reputation and dynamic staff.  Students choose our university, because they can count on the diploma they receive upon graduation. Students come here to build their future. The University GOC wants them to succeed!

Practical Training and Study –  5 Profiles

The majority of cycle 1 programs include compulsory or electives. In addition, profiles of study are offered: entrepreneurial, sustainable development, research and distinction.

Its Vibrant Student Life

The possibilities are almost endless activities: joining a group that shares the same interests,  artistic flame, and an experience out of the ordinary or just for some fun.

Its Commitments in Favor of Sustainable Development

The University GOC encourages initiatives related to sustainable development. Moreover, to make its  students responsible and committed citizens, we offer all basic training in this area.

A program of 150 credits:

  • 120 compulsory credits
  • 30 optional credits
  • 15 additional elective credits

A 120-credit program.

Important Deadlines

Admission deadline, you must:

  • Obtain dates from the Admission Service or Registrar’s Office.
  • Verify the date with the corresponding department/school head.
  • Consult newspapers or the University GOC Web site.

Semester/session time periods

  • Fall: October – Junuary
  • Spring: March – Jun
  • Summer: July – September (intensive)

See important dates on the university calendar on the French UGOC website.


Accounting, Administration, Architecture, Economics, Sciences and Engineering, Law, Agronomic, and Environmental Sciences


The UGOC French website is the document of record for undergraduate and graduate programs, courses, academic policies and special programs.

Requirements for eligibility to take the dissertation or the final exit exam:
All candidates who wish to submit their dissertation (D) or take the final exit exam (FEE) must have passed all the required courses of their area of study/major.
To receive a diploma, the student must have:

a) successfully accumulated, or obtained in equivalent accepted manner, the required number of credits for each area of study/major;
b) have a cumulative final grade percentage equal to or greater than 65/100;
c) met all requirements and general regulations of the university. 

Take note of the following programs at the University.


Match your unique skills, interests and values.

Form of Application for admission made online at the following or the registrar’s office at the following address:

University GOC
1 Impasse Alouette (Ave. M. L. King)
Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Phone: (509) 3912-0101

Students who wish to give up one or two courses, passed the period of change in the choice of courses, may do so by contacting by email at the condition.

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