Welcome Services

Welcome Service
The welcome service is available to all university students, its goal being:

  • to help them become familiar with their new environment and assimilate themselves as quickly as possible into their new surroundings.
  • Information about majors/specialties.
    Helps students become acquainted with the different majors/specialties offered, including not only academic requirements, but also workplace opportunities.

Placement Service

Services offered:
Information about the workplace, permanent and part-time employment, resume-drafting, and interview preparation and counseling.

Services—Offices and Personnel:

Welcome – Information
Miss. Janvier Elsie

Registrar – Bursar
Mrs. Massena Edwidge – Mrs. Gabriel Carole R.

Student services
Miss. Noël Riza – Miss. René Nedjy – Miss. Fréderic Marie Gabrielle

Academic Affairs
Mrs. Montero Valérie, Miss. Seling Falia Valessa Relations Publiques
Nicole Derivois – Sandra Lavoile

General Secretary
Mr. Herard Arnold

Miss. Celestin Milise

Dean, Department of Administrative Services (DAS)
Mr. Derivois Pierre Michel

Dean, School of Applied Sciences (SAS)
Mr. Belizaire Dejean

If you wish to ask questions or obtain information concerning:
– Your University G.O.C. scholastic records
– University G.O.C. courses and programs
– Course hours for different semesters/sessions.

Do not hesitate to ask a question by using the contact form or the link below and wait for the response!

Registrar’s Office
Secretary’s Office

More than 9 out of 10 graduates responded that University G.O.C. met their expectations.

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