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Roll Back the Frontiers of Knowledge

The Faculty of science and engineering brings together different disciplines of pure sciences, applied sciences and engineering. Training that it instills in the 1st cycle is oriented towards the needs of the labor market and adapted to the challenges of our society. Thus, all Bachelor programs promote mandatory or optional internships to school paths and, thanks to the ties with the industry.

Graduate students evolve in an environment with a wide range of research topics.

Student life is very dynamic, especially on work on numerous projects and opportunities to participate in extensive work. Students also organize their own recreational activities.

Science and engineering promotes the advancement of knowledge in order to play a significant role in the development of tomorrow’s world.


Department of Chemical Engineering


civil2Department of Civil Engineering


civilDepartment of Mechanical Engineering


biochemistryDepartment of Chemistry


geologyDepartment of Geology

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  • fsg@ugoc.edu.ht
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  • Faculty of Sciences and Engineering
  • 1, Impasse UGOC
  • Port-au-Prince, HT 6120
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