[FESP] Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctural Studies

Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctural Studies

The Faculty of graduate and postdoctoral studies works in conjunction with other faculties to carry out overall responsibility for second and third cycle studies. It is the supervision of the supervision of students and manages strategic assessment of their research while granting the right grades or diplomas in conjunction with other program branches.

The Faculty is the meeting of inter faculty and interdisciplinary, a place for reflection, exchange and animation.


Contact Information
Program Director
  • (800) 571-1474/ (509) 2912-0101 Fax: 240-556-0381
  • fes@fes.ugoc.edu.ht
  • Visit Website
  • Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies
  • Pavilion (N…)
  • Rte. National No.1
  • Source Matelas, HT 6410
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