This is a Portion of an Address Delivered by Dr. Fritz Olivier, President of the University GOC

During his first address to the American nation, United States President Barack Obama clearly pointed out to youth and to all those who had received a professional degree that they must go further to Higher Education since the problems of society are becoming more complex and they can only be solved by means of smarter training, that is insightful and creative. I smiled and told myself to myself, “Okay! Here, I was not the only one thinking it.”

Today, I find myself in an almost similar situation, addressing the graduate. So you’ve acquired a taste of the flavor of the fruit of knowledge to be savored with passion. But you are one of those young people who I challenge to hold high the banner of training and search for new ways to enrich the knowledge to become useful instruments of contribution to the maintenance of balance, allowing us to build a future worth living.

When our society needs a model, you are doomed to become one. Today the road is wide open to direct you with intelligence and learning in your pilgrimage. Those who make the effort to keep the flame of hope are the exception. Those who engage in the Teaching and Higher Education in particular also contribute to be model to develop and maintain education at the highest level. Those working in the silence of their quiver help maintain the hopes of each other and without being noticed. They are models of honesty and integrity present, suffering like us from the heavy load of the burden of the educator. If there is a questioning of the various problems in our society, education should be a priority because it is necessary to separate the traditional teaching of vocational education to higher education and scientific research.

As President of the University GOC I bring you a gift, dear graduates to go further and build a new society. This will be our way of saying we love you and cherish you as the dream of a nation at work, in the development, with men and women united and welded into a single vision.

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