Student Orientation

The broad and deep knowledge of student orientation is priority number 1 in the training required at UGOC.  It is true that problems are always different for the individual student, but the mechanism we have put into place for training both homogeneous, heterogenous and diversified are all indispensable assets for the student to learn and express ideas with “ease”.

Most classes are under the guidance of experienced teachers in their field of training  and are organized to engage students in thinking about various subjects to make rational alternatives.

Number of students

With more than a thousand,two hundred and nineteen students currently registered, UGOC has a percentage of 12% receiving full scholarship while 5 % receive half scholarship.

Predetermined conditions are clear:

  • maintain the average for each subject in order to avoid paying the tuition or in case of failure, losing advantages. These programs aim to increase the number of students and build on the most gifted to encourage students and open ways to assist financially.

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