Admission Process

You can register anytime at the University, at the South Pavilion at # 1, Imp. GOC, Ave ML King or directly on our site at What are the necessary documents for the administrative registration? To register at the University, you need an original and a copy of the certificate of Bac II or its equivalent; the original and a copy of your birth certificate, and three (3) photo identifications.

Know more about UGOC

  • Scholarship and Financial Aid

    Scholarship and Financial Aid University G.O.C. recognizes that it is important for each individual to have access to an education. It recognizes as well that not everyone has the financial means to attend...
  • Tuition and Fees

    Tuition and Fees Education has a price!  At the University G.O.C., fees and other costs are handled by the Payments Department. Fees vary in accordance with cost-of-living rates and are calculated per...
  • Online Admission

    Online Admission Congratulations on your decision to continue your education at UGOC. Whether your goals are in the workplace, degree completion, or personal advancement, we have programs for you. Getting...
  • Registration Rules

    REGISTRATION RULES Familiarize yourself with the different programs offered at the University Students are responsible for maintaining an accurate registration record with the Registrar’s Office. The...
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