University GOC FAQs

I choose to attend UGOC? Where, when and how to register? Do I need to take a test?

You can register at any time at the university, south pavilion # 1, Imp. GOC, ML King Ave or directly on our website www.ugoc.edu.ht. It is not necessary to pass tests.

What are the necessary documents to the administrative registration?

To enroll in the university, you need the original and a copy of the Certificate of Bac II or its equivalent; Original and a copy of your birth certificate, and three (3) passport photos.

Is University GOC formally recognized and hat degree should I have obtained to begin university studies UGOC?

The University GOC is recognized by the Ministry of Education. To be admitted to the University GOC, you must have completed your classical studies and have your Bac II certificate or equivalent.

Besides the Licensing Programs, what other programs are available at the University?

In addition to the degree programs in several disciplines that increase at UGOC based on community needs, we have designed several other programs for those wishing to pursue Higher Studies leading to the degree of Master and PhD.”

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