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Welcome to our website. Whether you’re considering an undergraduate or graduate program, interested in other academic opportunities or simply want to learn more about our exemplary institution, we’re happy you’ve decided to check us out.

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  • Code of Conduct

    In order to maintain an exceptional campus, student commitment to the code of conduct is vital. This commitment begins with personal integrity and extends to the refusal to condone violation of the rules....
  • Online Registration

    REGISTER ONLINE All undergraduate programs are available including: licenses and certificates allowing students to select a job to match aspirations. Browse our offer of studies and find all the information...
  • An Insured Future

    The university’s number 1 priority is to provide a wide range of knowledge to guide students along the path of their education. It is true that any number of problems can arise at any given moment,...
  • A Great Vision

    Our Vision The UGOC mission is to prepare professionals in several fields of knowledge.  From its birth to the present day, the university has trained several executives including in the areas of Engineering,...
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