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  • Dr. Fritz Olivier

    President’s Message

    We are delighted to inform you that UGOC now has a new, state-of-the-art IT management system, which is much more efficient. Any applicant or student already attending the university can now enroll or receive an invitation to renew their registration online with ease, all at the touch of a button. In both cases, all that is required to benefit from the new system is a functioning e-mail address.

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  • Academics

    UGOC offers a complete range of undergraduate courses that provide direct access to both the employment market and post graduate level studies. Thus students have the option to  choose any  one  of  the  various  programs  to  work  toward  a “Certificate,” “Major,”  or “License” degree (as defined in our academic curriculum).

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  • Admissions

    Familiarize yourself with the different programs offered at the University.

 Admission requirements are as follows:

    1st Cycle: (undergraduate bachelor’s degree) To be admitted to this program, the candidate must hold a high school degree, or its equivalent.
    2nd Cycle: (master’s program) To be admitted to this program, the candidate must hold a bachelor’s degree, or its equivalent.
    3rd Cycle: (doctoral program) To be admitted to this program, the candidate must hold a master’s degree, or its equivalent.

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  • Scholarship and Financial Aid

    University GOC recognizes that it is important for each individual to have access to an education. It recognizes as well that not everyone has the financial means to attend a university. This becomes a sizeable challenge for those who wish ardently to pursue studies and fulfill their dreams.

 Accordingly, the university has established, for those who need financial help, an Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid (OSFA). Its purpose is to provide counseling and information regarding various sources of financial aid so that students are able to complete their education. Tuition fees vary in accordance with each department.

    Financial Aid
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